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Wolff Coffee Roasters

Hero Blend

Hero Blend

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Introducing our exquisite HERO Premium Coffee Blend, meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable sensory experience. This blend boasts a captivating fruit-forward flavour profile highlighted by delightful notes of luscious apricot jam, succulent blueberry, crisp white peach, and a hint of refreshing red apple.

Key Features:

Fruit-Forward Flavours: Our coffee blend is renowned for its pronounced fruit-forward taste, ensuring a harmonious fusion of apricot jam, blueberry, white peach, and red apple notes in every sip.

Dessert Wine-Like Viscosity: Experience a luxurious mouthfeel reminiscent of dessert wines, adding an extra layer of indulgence to your coffee-drinking ritual.

Consistent Satisfaction: We are committed to upholding the exceptional quality that has earned your trust. Expect a consistently gratifying coffee experience that caters to your refined palate.

Elevate your mornings and enhance your moments with the enduring allure of our Hero Coffee Blend. Embrace the symphony of flavours and textures that define this blend, as we continue to satisfy your discerning taste buds.

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