How does Ripple Affect work

Ripple Affect partners with charities, and we donate 50% of the gross profit each month to those organisations. If you want the funds from your purchase to go directly to the charity partner of your choice, simply use their code (as listed against each charity) and as a thank you for making that selection, you will receive a 5% gratitude discount.


What if I don't choose to nominate a charity - will the money from my purchase still go towards charity

Yes - every dollar counts, and every sale gets donated.


Your coffee says Wolff Coffee Roasters, isn't the coffee from Ripple Affect

Ripple Affect has proudly partnered with Wolff Coffee Roasters in Brisbane. The choice of roaster was an easy one. With aligned values, long standing operations and quality coffee producers, each bag of Ripple Affect has receives the utmost care.


How much coffee should I order

The amount of coffee you should consider ordering greatly hinges on your daily and weekly coffee consumption habits, as well as your preferred brewing method (whether it's manual, automatic, the desired strength, and so on). Our available quantities start as low as 250g. To provide you with a rough estimate, purchasing 500g of coffee per month typically allows for enjoying approximately 1-2 cups of coffee each day.


What grind size should I choose

Select the grind that suits your coffee brewing method. If this is not listed, or if you prefer to grind at home, consider whole beans. We have a great blog on selecting the correct grind for brewing methods – have a peak for some top tips!


How long does the coffee keep

As a general rule, we recommend using the beans within 7-30 days from roasting to enjoy the fresh tasting coffee. The coffee doesn’t go off after that time, but the flavours will gradually start to degrade. If you prefer your coffee a bit more mellow, leaving it to the later part of that time period will assist.


How should I store my coffee

Your fresh coffee beans are best stored in a cool, dark spot in a well-sealed container.


Is the coffee ethically sourced

Yes - we purchase our coffee from ethical sources to get the best quality beans. Our coffee partner has a strong focus on environment, governance, community and their people.


Where can I buy Ripple Affect coffee

You can buy our coffee here on our website.


Can I order beans for my office

Yes you can. A great way to have a positive impact from your everyday purchase!


Can I gift coffee

Yes, you can. When placing the order you can have a different recipient to the person placing and paying for the order.


When will I get my order

Orders are prepared, packed and out for dispatch the next business day at the latest from our coffee partner in Henda, Queensland.

Delivery can take around 1-4 business days for express shipping and 2-8 business days for standard delivery in Australia.


Do you ship internationally

No, unfortunately not at this stage.


I’ve ordered the wrong thing, can I change

Please email us at hello@rippleaffect.com.au with your order number and details of the correct product immediately. We will try our best to update your order however, we cannot always guarantee changes can be made. For better or worse, our dispatchers are super efficient!


Can I return my order

We do not accept change of mind returns or exchanges for purchases from our online store. If you received wrong product or if they were delivered damaged, please get in touch with us at hello@rippleaffect.com.au and we will be more than happy to sort out a replacement for you.


My order hasn’t arrived, what should I do

If you have waited the estimated delivery timeframes but still have not received your products, send us an email and we will follow up for you. There are some cases where your order can be delayed due to different circumstances, but it is rare.

If your order has been past the estimated date of arrival, please allow up to an extra:
2 business days for Express
5 business days for Standard


I run a café, do you have options for wholesale

While we currently don’t have any wholesale customers, this is not out of the question. Please contact us on hello@rippleaffect.com.au to discuss!