Our Story

Our story begins a few years back, on a drive to Emmaville - a small country town in New South Wales. We were trying to think of a way in which we could build something special. After throwing a few ideas around, we turned to coffee - something we and so many with us like. Something as humble as a cup of coffee is a vehicle for conversation, connection and community. Like so many ideas, spending a weekend away this one was parked, with all the previous ones - at the back of our minds. 

A short while after we learnt of a 55-year-old woman on the Gold Coast, who after many years of working and supporting herself, found herself without a home, living out of her car. The story was one that resonated, as her circumstances were not that different from how most of us live our lives, and it highlighted how easily things can change for anyone of us at any given moment. There was no big life event, no illness, no wrongdoing. It was as simple as her rental not being renewed, and she couldn't find another place to live.

The latest census showed again another increase in homelessness across the country, and it spurred the conversation further. We researched ways to volunteer, we looked at ways to donate, we wanted to help. The biggest challenge for us was finding the opportunities to help, and time to fit it in around what is already a very busy life. Proclaiming to ourselves "we wish it could be done differently", made us stop. It was one of those moments where you say it out loud, and we both connected in thought. We can do it differently. We already have the idea. 

And so, Ripple Affect was born. We like to think it is all in the name. A small act can affect big. We knew that by doing business differently, we can achieve big things. Our idea was to help those who help others, and we agreed that we would donate 50% of our gross profit to charitable and community causes. There are so many exceptional people and organisations already doing the work, who has the processes, reach, structure and resources to deliver amazing support across the country. The way Ripple Affect can help, is to give them money so that they can do more. 

So from there, I guess you can say it's history. We connected with a coffee roaster with whom we had worked with in the past and have the utmost respect for. Their passion for the people producing the coffee beans, their charitable initiatives, their product and the quality made them a perfect partner. We found people all around us, willing and inspired to help - and today we have set ourselves a very big goal. We will raise $100,000 for charitable causes.

And now, if you have read this far - we want to extend our heartfelt thanks. We appreciate you learning more about us, and we welcome you to the Ripple Affect family. It is great to have you here with us! If you want to help our small business (with big dreams) grow, please Like - Share - or Support us by buying something from our shop.

Lots of love, 

John & Anna