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Unlock the Power of Ripple Affect: Elevate Your Fundraising Efforts

Looking for a simple and effective way to raise funds for your organisation? Partner with Ripple Affect, the premium coffee brand that brings together exceptional quality and community support. By joining forces with us, you'll enjoy a range of benefits that will take your fundraising initiatives to new heights:

Effortless Revenue Generation: Say goodbye to complex fundraising campaigns and time-consuming events. With Ripple Affect, you can effortlessly raise funds month after month by simply promoting our premium coffee to your network or membership.

No Upfront Costs or Fees: We believe in making fundraising accessible to all. That's why we don't burden you with establishment fees, marketing fees, or lock-in contracts. Sign up and start raising funds without any financial barriers.

Superior Quality Coffee: Our partnership with a premier coffee roaster ensures that you offer your supporters a truly exceptional coffee experience. Sustainably and ethically sourced, our coffee beans are meticulously selected and roasted to perfection.

Tailored Marketing Support: We provide comprehensive marketing assistance to maximize your fundraising potential. From customized promotional materials to online campaigns, we'll help you effectively reach your audience and drive sales.

Flexible and Scalable Fundraising: There is no cap on how much you can earn each month. The more you promote and engage your network, the higher your returns. Our platform accommodates organizations of all sizes, from small clubs to large nonprofits.

Positive Community Impact: By partnering with Ripple Affect, you contribute to initiatives that support community groups, charities, and clubs. Your fundraising efforts go beyond financial support, creating a positive ripple effect that transforms lives.

    Join the Ripple Affect movement and unlock the potential of effortless fundraising. Together, we can make a difference in our community.