Move over chocolate bars and sausage sizzles! There's a new kid in town! 

If you are looking for a way to raise funds for a cause that matters to you, whether it being buying new gear for the local kids soccer club, P&C year-round fundraising, or a business looking for an easy to manage, no risk opportunity to effortlessly raise funds for charity - look no further. 

With Ripple Affect every bag of coffee you buy offers a 50% gross profit donation to your cause of choice. There is no requirement of you to pre-purchase, hold or distribute the product - we do all of that for you. 

Ripple Affect will work with you to design your campaign, and you can choose from either a short-term option to really boost your fundraising efforts for a particular outcome or be set up on an ongoing basis giving you endless opportunities to raise more by doing less. 

Of course, by now you'd like to know more about how to become a fundraising Legend, so send us a message at and one of our dedicated team members will give you the run down and get you started.

Next, start dreaming about what this could do for your heart matter. 


PS: The coffee is pretty good too!